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Good Day to you on this day after an exciting and shocking Super Bowl 51…videos and more below.

Legislators are back in session Monday morning at the statehouse. Here’s what you should know. House Democrats are set to unveil a road funding plan of their own to counter the House GOP’s already-on-the-table-plan. The GOP’s plan includes hiking the gasoline tax by ten cents and putting in play a toll on the state’s interstates. That’s money that the Dems say is a burden on tax payers. State senators are scheduled to hear a bill that would flip the State Superintendent of Public Instruction’s post from an elected one to an appointed one. WTHR is reporting several other bills on tap you may be interested in as well, including one that’s particularly good to know because of all of the follow-up from the last election and encouragement to the ‘Everyday Joe’ to get involved in the political process. It’s SB 418: that seeks to double signatures required to get on Indiana’s ballot for President, U.S. Senator or Governor. Another is interesting if you’ve wanted to lower your energy costs in the long-term or maybe reduce your energy usage footprint. SB 500: Stops homeowners’ associations from blocking home owners from installing solar energy systems.

If you’re headed into the downtown area today, or the next few days, know that a section of Pennsylvania Street is closed for utility installation. City officials say drivers won’t be able to access the roadway between Vermont and New York streets. The closure is expected to start Monday the 6th and should reopen on Thursday, February 16th.

Indianapolis Cityscapes And City Views

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A permanent tribute to two fallen Indy firefighters now marks the entrance of the Indianapolis Athletic Club in downtown Indy.  A plaque honoring John Lorenzano and Elwood “Woody” Gelenius was unveiled on Sunday, which was the 25th anniversary of the fire that took their lives. The two men died when they ran out of oxygen. A club guest from Illinois also died in that blaze while several firefighters were severely injured when fire flashed up over them. The Indianapolis Athletic Club fire happed during the time of the Mike Tyson rape trial here in this city. The Tyson jury was sequestered there in the building at the time of that fire and all of the jurors were evacuated from the blaze.


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Police are looking for answers and your help to find the person or persons responsible for a deadly shooting on Indy’s northeast side. This happened Sunday afternoon in the 3000 block of Forest Manor Drive. Indianapolis Metro Police Department investigators say they found the victim, Brandon Thomas, on the ground with at least one gunshot wound. IMPD officers are asking neighbors for leads in the case. But they also are turning to you. If you know what happened to Thomas, call Crime Stoppers. You can do so anonymously at 317-262-TIPS (8437).


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Several people are recovering, a day after a high-speed police chase ended in a five-car crash. That reckless alleged thief, trying to make his escape, is responsible for several injuries, according to police.  This started Sunday morning. Officials said the Lawrence Police Department tried to pull over a vehicle that was reported stolen. When that driver didn’t stop, officers chased him until he slammed into four vehicles at the intersection of 10th Street and Post Road on Indy’s eastside. There were ten people injured including the driver. Of the ten, four were taken to the hospital for treatment. The suspect is now facing multiple charges including auto theft and fleeing the police.

In another driving incident…The driver of a car that slammed into a state trooper may have been driving drunk. That’s the latest word on a crash that happened early Sunday on northbound Interstate-65 near 30th Street. Officials say the police cruiser was struck from behind while the trooper investigated an earlier wreck. Both accidents are under investigation, but officials say alcohol appears to be a factor.

A student at Arsenal Technical High School is facing charges for having a gun on campus. An Indianapolis Public Schools spokesman told FOX59, the 16-year-old was arrested on Friday at school. At this time, it’s unclear why the student had the gun. No one was injured.


Thousands of protesters at Downing Street, against Donald...

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Two states and 90 tech companies are calling on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to keep a suspension in place on President Donald Trump’s travel ban. They filed briefs with the court overnight as it decides whether the executive order is constitutional. Early Sunday, the appeals court refused to lift a stay on the order imposed by a lower court judge in Seattle.  Washington state and Minnesota are those states. The Justice Department has until 6 p.m. Eastern time Monday to weigh in.

Betsy DeVos nominee Secretary of Education

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A confirmation vote expected today for Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s pick to head up the Department of Education, is now likely on-tap for Tuesday.  She’s highly contested by the Democrats and at least two Republicans who are breaking with party lines. The Senate voted along party lines Friday to cut off debate on the nomination and send it on to what could be a historically-close confirmation where Indiana’s former and now Vice-President Mike Pence may play a role in getting this presidential cabinet nominee through. It’s the first time in history that the Vice-President may have the deciding vote.

Pet lovers be on alert. Evanger’s Dog and Cat food is recalling some 12-ounce cans of its Hunk of Beef dog food. This comes after the sedative pentobarbital was detected in a single lot. The company doesn’t know how it got there and says all of its suppliers are USDA approved. At least five dogs are reported sickened and one died.

A Kia commercial is the winner of this year’s USA Today Ad Meter competition. The Super Bowl commercial was called “Hero’s Journey” and featured actress Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy has hits two days in a row—just the night before, she appeared on NBC show “Saturday Night Live” to rave reviews for her portrayal of often-combative-with-the-press White House spokesperson Sean Spicer. Back to her big time big game commercial…It’s the second time in a row that an auto-manufacturer has won the Ad Meter award. Prior to that, brewer Anheuser-Busch won it three years in a row. See both of McCarthy’s performances below:


Super Bowl 51 was the comeback of all comebacks… (Cue LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” in your head.)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady led his team back from a 25 point deficit during Sunday night’s Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons. Many fans were rooting for the ‘Dirty Birds’ overwhelmingly outside of New England, but the Pats having the biggest Super Bowl comeback victory on record and one that went into overtime for the first time ever, is the story. The final was 34 to 28 and Brady helped secure the win after starting out this season on suspension because of the ‘Deflategate’ scandal with our Colts.  The Patriots have now captured the Lombardi Trophy for the fifth time and Brady was also awarded the game’s MVP honor in front of his mom, who’s been gravely ill for the last year and a half.

Brady knows where the trophy is…But his jersey, not so much. The jersey Brady was wearing as he won his fifth Super Bowl is missing.  Brady told reporters this morning it was stolen and is still missing. He says when he returned to the locker room before leaving the stadium Sunday night, it was nowhere to be found. He wants it back. Note to thief…careful…you might have to deal with Mrs. Brady, Giselle, on this one.

Indianapolis Weather…

Sunshine starts out this work week, but it will give way to mostly cloudy skies and showers Monday afternoon. Today’s High:  51 degrees.


Hot off the roof of the dome in Houston for Sunday night’s Super Bowl 51 halftime performance, where she started by melodiously letting the world know that America is a land for all of us singing, Woody Guthrie’s, “This Land Is Your Land,” Lady Gaga released her tour dates Monday morning. If you dug Gaga and her ‘little monsters,’ she’s coming to Indianapolis to perform in the late Fall. Save the Date:  Sunday, November 5 downtown at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Check out her Super Bowl performance below:


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