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@kwellscomm @1067WTLC TLCNaptown.com News —  Good day to you. Hoosiers want to know what will happen to the Affordable Care Act and how repealing the law that governs their health insurance will impact them. Click the media player below to listen to my story about a new study showing the effect that repealing Obamacare could have […]

The plastic building blocks of childhood may not be the innocent toy most parents think they are. Researchers say LEGOs are building a lot of violence. The study by New Zealand’s University of Canterbury says weapons are now included in 30-percent of LEGO kits. The study says about 40-percent of all LEGO catalog pages now include […]

  The iconic film “FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF” celebrates its 30th Anniversary today. WTLC News’ Kim Wells picks up the mantle from “The Tom Joyner Morning Show’s” Huggy Lowdown on today’s various observation days and what celebrating today in the Ferris tradition would cost in 2016. Click the media player below to get the ‘lowdown’: If […]

First Lady Michelle Obama takes full advantage of the rise and proliferation of social media for a variety of reasons, one of the most important–to communicate the important things on her agenda, breaking new ground. Kwame Opam and the folks at website “The Verge” got exclusive access to @MichelleObama and tell the exclusive story of how […]

Women have expectations and various needs in the workplace where they are trying to make inroads and leave a lasting impression. Women’s History Month 2016 is here and survey company Wallethub.com took a look at the states where women are making strides and the ones where they are falling woefully behind. Click the media player […]

Today is National Hug Day. Researchers say there are many benefits to giving and getting hugs. The experts say while you’re ‘bringing it in,’ don’t be in a hurry. Research indicates the average hug lasts only three seconds. But the benefits of hugging come on at the 20-second mark. (Mmmm mmm.) Those benefits include improved relationships, […]

Today is “National Dress Up Your Pet Day”. (Yes it is more likely that this pet day actually exists than you being one of the three winners of last night’s $1.5 Billion Powerball jackpot.) If you’re on the fence about celebrating the day, the folks over at PetMD.com say it’s really not a bad idea because, […]

The Indianapolis community gathered on Saturday with family, friends, and colleagues to celebrate the life of community leader and broadcaster–our own–Amos Brown. Funerals often are sad occasions, particularly when a person is beloved or a person is ripped away suddenly without warning, as was the case on both fronts with the late-host of the popular […]

It’s sometimes easier to navigate your struggles when you feel like you’re not alone. Children’s television show Sesame Street understands this when it comes to the development of children and the families who love them, so they’re adding a new character and more. Click the media player below to listen to who’s joining the lineup […]

Oprah Winfrey and dieting. They are almost synonymous because of the media maven’s public struggles with weight and tackling it head on. But now, Oprah is getting into dieting in an even bigger way. The media superstar is buying a ten-percent stake in Weight Watchers. Oprah says in a statement that Weight Watchers has given […]

The northern Indiana pizzeria that made headlines in the spring, by wading into the fallout over the controversial Religious Freedom law and gay marriage, is there again, thanks to one gay couple who wanted to prove a point on their wedding day. Click the media player below to listen to the story on who was eating the […]