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April Is National Minority Health Month! 🩺 Eskenazi Health & WTLC want to empower the health literacy of our communities this National Minority Health Month. This year’s theme, Better Health Through Better Understanding, focuses on how meeting cultural and linguistic needs can improve health outcomes.  When patients are provided with culturally and linguistically appropriate information, […]

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African American women under 35 have breast cancer incidence rates two times higher than Caucasian women of the same age. African American women have a 31% breast cancer mortality rate – the highest of any racial group. The second most common cause of cancer death among Black women is Breast Cancer . African American women […]

Also, what role does genetics play in the diagnosis of gynecologic cancers and how early should African American women be screened for gynecologic cancer?

A new study says that morning cup of coffee won’t make your heart flutter. The results of a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows habitual coffee intake is actually linked to a lower risk of cardiac arrhythmia. That’s a condition in which the heart races, or flutters. Researchers took a look at the coffee […]

A new study finds smoking marijuana is not good for the heart. The American Heart Association released a scientific statement saying weed can trigger heart conditions or events such as heart attacks or strokes. Clinical pharmacologist Robert Page the Second says weed can also interfere with prescribed medication and people should consult their doctors before […]

It appears the hearts of Americans were not prepared for the emotional toll brought by the coronavirus pandemic. A new study from JAMA Open Network said cases of broken heart syndrome are rising among people without the condition. Also known as stress cardiomyopathy [[ car-dee-ow-my-aa-puh-thee ]], it occurs when a part of the heart becomes […]

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We've been showing you some of the great local restaurants that have remained open all over central Indiana. But, how do you keep your body in check without being able to go to the gym?

American men are making sure their legacies are preserved as fears over the coronavirus pandemic spread. The Daily Beast reports that business around freezing sperm has risen, according to at-home sperm collection companies. CryoChoice and Dadi say sales have increased by as much as 20-percent and there are more daily inquiries than ever before. The […]

A Massachusetts man has undergone treatment for experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction every time he climaxes. The Urology Case Reports medical journal shows that the unnamed 25-year-old visited a doctor after suffering “debilitating anxiety” and “brain fog” following every orgasm since he was 16. Medical professionals diagnosed him with post-orgasmic illness syndrome, which presents […]