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  1. Forget to Compliment – When you are trying to win the girl you let her know everything you like about her. You compliment cooking, the way she dresses, etc. Just because you have been in the relationship for a while doesn’t mean this can stop. Women like to know when you are happy with her and when you appreciate what she does. Let her know – and be sincere!
  2. Criticizing- Critiquing how someone does something or how they look does not inspire them to change. In fact, many times it has the opposite effect. It is not healthy for a relationship to have the negativity of criticism. Remember that it takes ten positive comments to undo the damage of one negative one.
  3. Ignoring the Emotional – Women are very emotional creatures. Everything in their life is tied to an emotion. In fact, even sex has to have an emotional motivator. Make sure you take care of your partner emotionally – ask about her feelings, let her talk when she needs to, etc. One of the big things men forget to do is to say ‘I love you’. You know you love her, but you can assume she knows this. If you take care of her emotionally she will take care of you in the bedroom. Foreplay is a 24/7 process for women.
  4. Focusing too Much on the Physical – Men usually don’t have too much trouble letting their partner how they feel physically. In fact, they can be quite hands on in this department. Now I am not saying this is necessarily bad, but do you let your partner know you care about her mind, her emotions, and her personality as well? If not, you are giving her the impression that to you she is only good for one thing.
  5. Don’t Expect Wonder Woman – Many men want a sex kitten in the bedroom, a maid for the house, his mom to cook for him, and someone who makes an incredible salary outside the home. You can’t have it all! You need to compromise and realize that your partner is only human and she is doing the best she can. Accept her for who she is and love her just the same.
  6. Not Helping Around the House – Along with not expecting Wonder Woman, don’t expect your wife to carry the full load around the house. We are not living in the 1950’s anymore. More women work outside the home than ever before and so they aren’t home to keep a perfect house and cook the perfect meal. Share in the household chores including, laundry, dishes, making meals, and cleaning. Now I am not saying you need to do all of these all the time, but share the responsibility with your wife to make home life smoother.
  7. Not Showing Interest in Her Life – Many men think that whatever their wife does in her spare time is her business and it doesn’t pertain to him. However, it really makes her day when you take an interest and ask her about her latest hobby or the current book she is reading. Yes women and men have very different interests, but that doesn’t mean hers are not worth paying attention to.