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Last week #ARealWifey was trending on Twitter and I just HAD to see what the masses were saying about my least-favorite word of all time. To me, “wifey” ranks right up there with “baby daddy” on my list of Word I’d Like To See Die A Quick Death.

My buddy Chris posted this, ‘Wifey is a term men use to keep women happy without putting any extra effort into the relationship.” BINGO! I think this is why I hate the term so much. Wifey means nothing. It sounds just close enough to “wife” to make a woman blush and feel like their relationship is something special.

Now, I will admit, in some instances the relationship IS something special. But more than likely, the term is being used in a relationship where it shouldn’t. I would much rather someone call me their “fiance” versus “wifey.” Wifey, to me, sounds like a fake wife. Why is it you never hear someone say, “Oh, he’s my husband-ish.”

To me, marriage is sacred. Either you are married or you are not. There’s a very distinct line there. I don’t mean that one is necessarily better than th e other, but if you’re married, you are not single and if you are single you are not married. You can’t be both. Wifey tries to straddle that line, but does so unsuccessfully.

What did your spouse call you when you two were dating? His girlfriend, his “girl,” etc? Is “wifey” acceptable or am I still tripping over Next’s song from 2000, which had all my little teenage friends running around thinking they were going to marry their high school boyfriends?

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