High School Students Petition To Make Bible Study A Class Elective.

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According to http://www.eurweb.com

High school students in the Houston area school district have petitioned the board to offer Bible classes to fulfill a state law that was passed in 2007.

According to the Houston Chronicle, two years ago state lawmakers made it OK for schools to provide elective Bible classes but so far few school districts implemented the plan. Now some students have lost patience.

The 2007 law requires schools, beginning this year, to include some Bible literacy in history and literature classes.

Bible classes are optional but encouraged under the law. The thinking is that educated students must be familiar with biblical references and themes that pervade culture and society.

“It’s not like a Bible study like you have at church,” said Gale Drummond, assistant superintendent of secondary education for Conroe ISD. “It’s about looking at the Bible and its influence in Western civilization.”

Some school districts in other areas of Texas already have begun to offer the classes. Now students in the Montgomery County districts want the same. A renewed interest in Bible classes seems to have struck the nation in the past few years.

Many states have introduced Bible bills, and some states, such as Texas, Georgia and Tennessee, have passed laws mandating Bible classes or the inclusion of Bible literacy in core classes.