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Does anyone remember Shaq’s former mistress Vanessa Lopez? I know she fine right? Well she sued Shaq for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS and HARASSMENT after he broke up with her a few months ago. Well Shaq Daddy Diesel has definitely got a scorned woman on his hands. Here is the latest on the Vanessa and Shaq saga via

Vanessa has just upped the ante. In a new complaint that EXCLUSIVELY got its hands on (a reader found it in the TRASH outside of a Miami courthouse), Vanessa claims that Shaq runs a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. According to Vanessa, Shaq runs an illegal computer hacking ring. And she claims that the enterprise violates the RICO statute (The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act is a statute used to put the MOB in jail and take their money).

It really doesn’t look good for Shaq. According to one of’s insiders,”They’re suing under civil RICO, only the district attorney can bring a CRIMINAL RICO case. But now that [Vanessa and her attorney’s] put it out there, I’d expect that there would be a CRIMINAL RICO investigation of Shaq very shortly.”

Shaq if you are listening come holla at the Captain on this one. It seems like you and quite a few other stars and celebrities have a problem with separating your lifestyle from these Bustdowns! You got to know who you are fam! This type of stuff shouldn’t be in the press for us to feed off of. You in Indianapolis holla at me. True Life

Rest In Peace Steve McNair!