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Nostalgia…Nostalgia is what builds inside of you when you hear, see or do something that triggers fond memory. On this day that memory was Michael Jackson! The out pour of love and support was nothing short of amazing by his hometown fans. There was a feel of true excitement in the hearts of every person there. As every song played throughout the day you can see person after person singing along and dancing to the music, and why not? That’s the epitome of the joy and happiness Michael Jackson brought to us with each and every song, album and video. To truly feel this joy you have to go back in time to the first time you ever heard a MJ song and you got up. I have truly come a long way from the small town kid in my Aunt’s beat it jacket dancing in front of her fireplace, however I’m never too old to relive that feeling that was in my heart when a Michael Jackson song came on. So with that said, here is video of the Michael Jackson Memorial exclusively in Gary Indiana.

Here are some pictures from the event