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Step 1

Go into the date just wanting to get to know the other person. Have fun and don’t think of this person as your future spouse. People can pick up on your intentions and it can be a turn off to something that one day might be wonderful.

  • Step 2

    Even if you don’t want to, try and play hard to get. Don’t be available all the time. In my day the chase was the most intriguing. When and if you were finally caught, well need I say more.

  • Step 3

    Take the time to find out everything about your date. You will not do this on the first date, it will take some time. Take it slow and develop a friendship. If he or she is looking for a one night stand you probably won’t see them again and that is just fine. The earlier it ends the better.

  • Step 4

    Hold off introducing this person to your family, especially your kids until you are really sure he or she is a keeper. So many times we jump the gun and it causes confusion and instability in your children. Do not do that to them or yourself.

  • Step 5

    Listen to your instincts, this is very important. Red flags will go up if there is something not right. Be open and trust what you are feeling. You will save yourself a lot of grief if you can just tune into your inner voice.

  • Step 6

    Love yourself better than anyone can ever love you. Value what you are and have a goal and a purpose set for your life. Expect the other person to have the same. Be open and honest and most important know when to walk away when it’s not right for you.

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