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A debate raged online between my friends yesterday after I posted a story for them that I had read in the Daily News. The story said that women were more likely to monitor the emails and text messages of their significant others than men were.

The story, first reported in the London’s Sunday Times, said that 14% of wives checked their husbands’ emails, 13% checked text messages and 10% checked computer browser histories. For men, the numbers were 8%, 6% and 7% respectively. After asking why this was news, my good friend Moira, who’s engaged, explained that she had all of her soon-to-be-husband’s passwords except his email password which she had at one point, but that he recently changed.

My married buddy Winston thought this was hilarious, dude was a fool, and suggested cleverly that Moira was lucky to be with the man she found because there would have been no haps getting any of that info out of him!

Two other male friends, Corey and Chris—both single—joined in, but mostly as spectators adding what amounted to jokes to fuel the already stoked fires. Two of my other female friends, Naima and Aliya, the former single, the latter married, were strangely and unfortunately silent. What killed me the most was that Moira kept explaining that she needed her fiancé’s passwords “in case of emergency.”

That was even my last straw.

I explained that an emergency that serious would result in me asking, “Baby, could you sit my computer right up here next to me on my hospital bed?”

But this probably explains why I’m single.

I recently spent several hours in a car with a woman who I refused to tell what the initials “RK” stood for. Maybe Moira’s fiancé is an evolved man. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that men, like children, love nothing more than to rebel from authority.

And ladies, if you have all of his passwords, he’s probably just found another, more creative way to cheat.

By Rk Byers

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