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The mother of 12 year old Tamir Rice that was slain by a Cleveland police officer in 2014, Samaria Rice after Lil Baby’s Grammy performance on Sunday, couldn’t hold her feelings on things she felt since the passing of Tamir Rice and she took to her social media to blast Tamika Mallory, Attorney Ben Crump and others, Samaria Rice allegedly spoke her truth about what she thought about the people that chase justice for the unjust by saying that they are only clout chasers, in a series of post.

Activist/Journalist Shaun King then chimed in on Samaria Rice posts in an article he wrote on The North Star website:

Samaria Rice has every right to be angry at the world.  Then speaking of  Tamika’s Grammy performance – For me, it gave substance and seriousness to the entire show,… She’s as serious and substantive as one person could be. She’s not in this for fame. And she didn’t invite herself onto the show, but was recruited and invited there – and chose to use the moment the best she could… Had Tamika chosen, instead, to break it down in a dance with Cardi B and Meg the Stallion, which she should still be allowed to do honestly, then I’d understand the criticism, but that’s not what happened. Tamika used a serious moment to deliver a fierce and serious message…But for Samaria, it just wasn’t enough. And how could it be?  read more

Samaria Rice in response to what she allegedly posted about ‘the movement’, those involved and what they had to say about what she posted, Samaria released an official statement on social media.

Now Tamika Mallory, the brunt of Samaria Rice’s disdain as of date, it appears responding in a post of her own.

‘God Never Said The Weapons Wouldn’t Form, He Just Promised They Wouldn’t Prosper’

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