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The winter season is the perfect time to adopt a new hair and skincare routine to ensure your hair and skin remain moisturized and luxurious throughout the cold, dry months. And with the oil collection from Tropic Isle Living (TIL), you’ll never have to worry about brittle hair or dry skin again!

The Black-female-owned brand TIL has released a new Plant Based Boosters DIY Pure Oils Collection that includes the most nutrient-rich oils from around the world. Each oil in the line offers a multitude of benefits – from helping to grow hair to nourishing the skin to strengthening nails. 

TIL was founded by Lois Hines when she and her late husband immigrated to America from Jamaica in 1992. They brought a gallon of Jamaican Black Castor Oil in her suitcase to sell to health food stores across New York City, thus introducing Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the United States. Since then, Tropic Isle Living has developed an extensive line of products for a completely natural beauty regimen with Jamaican Black Castor Oil remaining their main ingredient.

Tropic Isle Living

Source: Tropic Isle Living / Tropic Isle Living

Before we introduced to Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the United States in 1992, generations before me had been using the powerful Jamaican oil for its myriad health and beauty benefits,” Ms. Hines told HelloBeautiful. “The entire DIY line is an extension of that. Each powerful oil in our new collection is part of a tradition from a specific region in the world. For example, the Black Seed Oil is from India, Olive Oil comes from the Mediterranean, Sweet Almond Oil is Persian, Baobab Oil is West African, and Chill Castor Oil is Egyptian. Each oil pays homage to cultural traditions across the globe.”

Just like Tropic Isle Living’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil, all 15 of TIL’s new Plant-Based Boosters DIY Pure Oils are made the natural and traditional way. 

  1. Oil of Aloe: This antioxidant and vitamin-rich oil repairs skin, grows hair, heals wounds, and stimulates collagen growth. It is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. 

  2. Chill-Pressed Castor Oil: Made with the highest-quality castor beans, this oil replenishes the skin, smooths fine lines, and nourishes the scalp encouraging healthy hair growth. 

  3. Argan Oil: This oil rich in fatty acids help moisturize dry skin, seal in hydration, fight dandruff, mend split ends, promote hair growth, and add shine and gloss to hair. 

  4. Avocado Oil: This vitamin- and mineral-rich oil hydrates skin, generates new skin cells, repairs and protects the skin from aging, protects hair from damage, and more. 

  5. Black Seed Oil: Derived from black cumin seeds, this oil helps seal in moisture in hair and skin while also reducing acne (thanks to its antifungal properties). 

  6. Black Walnut Oil: This nutrient-packed oil treats acne, wrinkles, infections, inflammatory skin conditions, and dryness while also fighting dandruff and itchy scalps. 

  7. Cerasse Oil: From an herb commonly used in the Caribbean for its cleansing properties, this antioxidant-rich oil detoxifies, reduces inflammation, and cleanses the skin. 

  8. Coconut Oil: Beyond its anti-aging and skin-healing abilities, this oil also stimulates collagen production, protects the skin from sun damage, and helps maintain hair moisture. 

  9. Grapeseed Oil: This antioxidant-rich oil protects cells from free radicals, soothes tired muscles, reduces the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite, improves skin elasticity and so much more. 

  10. Jojoba Oil: Loaded with antioxidants and omega-rich fatty acids, this oil is best known for its anti-aging and healing properties for skin and hair. 

  11. Olive Oil: Globally recognized as one of the healthiest oils, this oil is wonderful for treating under eyes, caring for nails and cuticles, moisturizing hair, and more.

  12. Sunflower Seed Oil: This superstar oil stimulates hair regrowth, staves off breakage and shedding hair follicles, and is a core ingredient in many anti-aging products. 

  13. Baobab Oil: This lesser-known oil offers numerous anti-aging properties for the skin. 

  14. Wild Charcoal Castor Oil: Fire roasted, and boiled longer than the chill-pressed castor oil, this extra-dark oil has more omega fatty acids and ricinoleic, oleic, and linoleic acids.

  15. Sweet Almond Oil: This potent oil is enriched with Vitamins A&E, Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc, and fights free radicals, inflammation, signs of aging, hair thinning, and more. 

“We chose these oils so that anyone can put together a blend for their own use, with confidence that the ingredients are sound, from a comprehensive collection of the most important ingredients,” Ms. Hines told us. “Just like with makeup, there’s not one product that’s a fix for everything. With our DIY line of pure plant-based oils, consumers can select the ones that work best for their unique needs. Think of our DIY plant-based boosters as oils to create the perfect cocktail for your unique health and beauty needs.” 

Tropic Isle Living also released a series of YouTube videos featuring easy recipes to help you create the perfect plant-based oil cocktail at home to satisfy your own health and beauty needs. Here’s a tutorial on how to create your won Cocoa Butter Face Moisturizer in a few simple steps:

If you’re not sure where to start, Ms. Hines recommends the Black Seed Oil, Wild Charcoal Castor Oil, and Black Walnut Oil as all three are loaded with natural health boosters and are very potent. “The Black Seed Oil is a favorite of mine because I’m always working to detoxify my hair and skin and boost my immune system,” she explained. “I use the Wild Charcoal Castor Oil to detoxify my hair and skin, and the Black Walnut Oil is amazing for dry skin, especially in the winter.” 

Tropic Isle Living is on a mission is to provide high-quality health and wellness products for consumers everywhere with products sold at national retailers, online, and in Beauty Supply stores. “We believe in keeping these traditions alive and introducing more people to the plant-based powers of pure oils that generations across cultures have celebrated for centuries,” Ms. Hines continued. “Out of the many tribes and heritages, we aim to unify in celebration of their beautiful traditions.”

The full collection of pure oils is available for purchase at and on Amazon. And for more on DIY tutorials, visit TIL’s YouTube page here. 

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