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First dates are always critical. Its your first impression and could be your last. We all have those mandatory questions that we must ask when getting to know someone. Here are a list of the most common ones:

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1. What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?

2. Who Is The Most Fascinating Person You’ve Met?

3. What Was The Last Book You Really Got Into?

4. What Are Some Movies You Really Enjoyed?

5. What Amazing Adventures Have You Been On?

6. What Are You Kind Of Obsessed With These Days?

7. What TV Series Do You Keep Coming Back To And Re-Watching?

8. What Hobbies Would You Like To Get Into If You Had The Time And Money?

9. Among Your Friends, What Are You Best Known For?

10. What Music Artist Do You Never Get Tired Of?

11. What Are Some Obscure Things That You Are Or Were Really Into?

12. What Are Some Things Everyone Should Try At Least Once?

13. What Are You Always Game For?

14. Where’s The Strangest Place You’ve Ever Been?

15. Where Would Your Friends Or Family Be Most Surprised To Find You?

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