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Update: The lockdown at the most secure military base in the world is now over. Authorities report the threat of an active shooter at Joint Base Andrews does not exist.  Officials at the Pentagon said reports of an active shooter came in after someone saw personnel carrying rifles for an active-shooter exercise scheduled at the facility for today. Again, the lockdown status at the base has been lifted.

Original story: 

An active shooter is reported at Joint Base Andrews putting the facility on lockdown at this hour. All personnel at the Maryland military facility have been told to shelter in place. This is a developing story.

Update: (9:46 a.m.) There was a exercise scheduled for today at the military base but it is unclear if the reports of the active shooter are related to the exercise. Authorities are taking no chances. This investigation is on-going.

Update: (10:00 a.m.) The base’s Twitter account has confirmed the incident–an active shooter and a lockdown– is currently happening at the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility.  First responders are now on the scene. Andrews is considered the most secure military base in the world. It is the home of the president’s official airplane, Air Force One.

Update: (10:24 a.m.) The military base outside Washington, DC remains on lockdown at this time, but so far, there have been no reports of shots fired. Investigators are attempting to determine whether this incident is connected in anyway to a planned drill at the facility for today, but in the meanwhile they are taking no chances. A medical building at the base is being evacuated as security forces check it out. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said during a Senate committee hearing a short time ago there was an “unfolding situation” at the base that may cause him to leave.

Update: (10:41 a.m.) The lockdown is over. There is no active shooter, according to officials at the Pentagon.

Update: (10:45 a.m.) Vice-President Joe Biden was to fly out of Andrews Airforce Base this morning. His flight was delayed due to this active shooter report and lockdown. The lockdown has ended and the “all-clear” has been given.


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