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The group says there’s anxiety and a burden to being singled out often.

“When you’re the only or one of a handful of people of color in the classroom particularly when it comes to speaking about issues of race. You can often become the token or spokesperson,” Haywood said.

They want to send the message that this bond isn’t just about them, but for all groups who share the same feelings.

“Standing in solidarity with each other as women and as black women but also opening up a space where we’re standing in solidarity with other historically underrepresented marginalized groups in the university,” said PhD candidate Tiffany Kyser.

They were surprised by the attention their story received. Now they’re pointing the spotlight toward the future so other women of color can flourish after them.

“If we get more images of showing us in these positive lights. Then we can truly say this is nothing special because it happens all the time. So until we get to that point we’ll be the great eight and we’ll shine that light on it,” said PhD candidate Demetrees Hutchins.

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