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Teens Are Setting Themselves On Fire (Again) Because…Social Media

The great thing about social media is that it encourages connectivity and it can help you to foster relationships around the world. A downside can be people’s interest in being apart of dangerous movements that are “trending”. That’s the case with the latest #FireSprayChallenge. There are over 4,000 posts on Instagram of people starting a fire with a lighter then hazardously fanning the flame with an aerosol can. The trend has grown so rapidly that London fire fighters have released a statement, “A number of young people in the States think that it’s clever and funny to set fire to aerosol cans and post videos of the experiment on social media, but I can assure you it’s not, it’s really stupid and extremely dangerous.”  NY Daily News

Death Of Sandra Bland Sparks Changes For Texas Prison System 

Following the controversial and highly publicized death of Sandra Bland, a five panel committee has recommended a drastic overhaul of the Waller County jail. The committee which was comprised of attorneys, a former congressman and a former judge have proposed acquiring a new building for the jail which would have ample space for physical and mental health screenings. Additional suggestions include requiring officers to wear body cameras and even removing the jail’s current sheriff, Glenn Smith, as to avoid a conflict of interest or a sabotaging of the efforts to implement the suggested changes. “From what I’ve seen of the report, about 99 percent of it I stand with it,” said Smith. “There won’t be dust settling on this report.” The lawyer for Bland’s family, Cannon Lambert called the committees demands for reform “encouraging”. Huff Post

Teenage Parents Allegedly Abduct Their Child From Foster Care

Fifteen-month-old Timothy Jackson Jr. has been safely recovered following an abduction at gunpoint from a Gary, Indiana foster home. On the evening of Monday, April 11 an Amber Alert was issued after Timothy was snatched by two masked gunmen. Based on the violent way in which the infant was taken, the FBI and SWAT team were called in to aid the Gary police. Authorities believe the child had been taken by his biological parents, Rosalinda Tecaxco,15, and Timothy Jackson Sr., 17, who were both reported as runaways. NWI Times

Suspect In Fatal Store Shooting Has Been Apprehended 

The release of surveillance footage from a Georgia area Wal-Mart has helped police to nap the man who allegedly shot and killed Jaseramie Dion “JD” Ferguson. On Sunday, April 9, Ferguson was on duty as a security guard at Wal-Mart when he reportedly tried to stop Boaz Anthony Fordyce from stealing three flat screen TVs. Fordyce shot Ferguson and fled the scene he was apprehended the next night. Police are unaware of the motive behind the alleged suspect choosing to shoot the victim. Ferguson, 25 was a husband and father of three who had ambitions of becoming a police officer. The family has established a GoFundMe page for the funeral and to assist with his widow’s cost of living. Over $16K has been raised in the past two days. AJC


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