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Mentally Ill Felon Allegedly Lied To Sperm Bank And Fathered 36 Kids

An accidental email to the family that used a sperm bank to conceive their child revealed a shocking error. Xytex, a Georgia-based sperm bank breached confidentiality and sent Angie Collins, of Ontario, an email that revealed the name of “Donor 9623” who she used to conceive her son. Supposedly, the previously anonymous man was an accomplished Ph.D. candidate with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, a master’s degree in artificial intelligence. Collins soon learned that “Donor 9623” was James Christian Aggeles. A quick Google search of Aggeles revealed his arrest record as well as the fact that he suffered from schizophrenia and had been in and out of mental hospitals. Between 2000 and 2014, Aggeles helped create 17 girls and 19 boys. Collins as well as 15 of the other parents that chose the imposter’s DNA have filed a lawsuit against Xytex. The Star

Woman Allegedly Burns House Down After Learning Her Boyfriend Is Gay

In December 2015, Lakishette Williams was arrested for setting her apartment ablaze after discovering that her boyfriend was cheating on her and allegedly engaging in relationships with other men. The mother of two was reportedly burning love letters on the stove as well as in the living room and the blaze got out of hand. Initially her bail was set at $50,000 and at a reconsideration hearing, a judge agreed to reduce it to $35,000. Williams was charged with aggravated arson and will go before a grand jury in May.

Tainted Baby Formula Running Rapid In China

After a nearly two year investigation, Shanghai police uncovered an extensive operation in which the baby formula Similac was being mixed with an off brand and repackaged and sold to food vendors. Nine people have reportedly been arrested in connection with the scheme which has netted an estimated 1.6 million yuan ($248,117) from selling batches to vendors in Henan and Anhui. According to Mashable, 1,000 cans of fake Similac were seized during a raid, along with 20,000 empty cans and 65,000 fake Similac trademarks were ready for labelling. Following the news of the investigation, vendors in Anhui, Jiangsu and Hubei destroyed 3,300 cans, Shanghai authorities confiscated another 5,000 cans. However, 3,300 cans are still unaccounted for, and an estimated 3,600 fake cans have already been sold. Supposedly, the faux Similac is safe for consumption, however, there’s an increased cause for concern after a similar scandal happened in 2008 while another milk formula had been tainted killing six infants. As a result, Chinese families often choose to purchase formula from other countries. Shanghai Daily

Public Advocate Fights For Low Income Workers Not To Be Affected By Metro Fare Increase 

Unfortunately, public transportation isn’t as readily accessible to all New Yorkers as it appears to be. Public Advocate Letitia James (who previously sued the Dept. Of Education of behalf of special needs students) has partnered with the Riders Alliance and city Controller Scott Stringer to champion the “Fair Fares” campaign in efforts to cut the metro fare in half for nearly one million residents that live below the poverty line. “This city relies on public transportation, and yet too often New Yorkers are forced to choose between going to work [and] putting food on the table,” James said. The Riders Alliance submitted a proposal to the mayors office that would reportedly save the city nearly $50M it spends on MetroCards if students and income restricted residents participated in the program. If enacted, New York would join Seattle and San Francisco in offering a income-based discounts for transit. NY Daily News


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