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PaleyLive NY: 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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Everyone is literally out of control on tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder, especially Annalise, whose students walked out on her last week only to come running back for help after Phillip released the video of them from the night they shot her.

The episode opens with Laurel still grilling Frank about why he killed Lila. He was going to explain, but got interrupted by Bonnie’s call about the video footage of the kids from that night (the interruption was probably for the best because she ain’t really about that life). Frank dashes off to Annalise’s place, where everyone (sans Laurel and Wes, who are now together working on uncovering the mystery of how Wes’ mom died) is desperate for a solution with the Phillip situation. As shady as they all are, none of them are about that going to prison life.

In between the current drama going on, we get flashbacks from when pregnant Annalise, was trying to convince Wes’ mom to testify on behalf of one of her clients. Basically, Annalise was defending some rich kid whose parents Wes’ mom works for. Mama Wes was reluctant to testify at first, but eventually agreed as long as she can do so anonymously.

Back in present day, Phillip demands $1 million in 36 hours or he’s going to the police. Laurel and Wes are still doing their own thing, completely oblivious to what’s going on because Laurel won’t answer Frank’s calls.

Desperate to shut Phillip down, Annalise takes Caleb up on his offer to go after Phillip harder. In order to do this, Caleb must get more info from Katherine that could put Phillip away. The thing is, Katherine is bitter about being locked up and feels like Caleb didn’t have her back so she’s not talking. Another fail.

They didn’t come up with a plan in time, and when the 36 hours is up, there is no video sent to the police, but Phillip did send them another video, more current footage of Annalise and Nate canoodling. Phillip probably still wants that cool millie, but he’s definitely enjoying toying with Annalise and company, and we’re all biting our nails trying to figure out what’s next (probably Phillip getting murdered).

The episode raps up with Laurel storming in to Annalise’s office with some paperwork she secretly stole from Wes’ files (before he got to look at it), and asks if Wes killed his mother. We flash back to a young Wes standing over his mother’s bloody body holding a knife and then the episode fades to black.

And now we really want answers, Sway!

See you next week.


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