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Jade Novah captured our attention with her popular “if Beyoncé did commercials” skit, but when she’s not channeling her inner Queen Bey, she’s lending her vocals to acts like Rihanna, writing for artists like Missy Elliott and Melanie Fiona and releasing her own music.

In anticipation of the new JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS film, hitting theaters this Friday, October 23rd, watch Jade’s original music video covering its title song Youngblood. Much different from the 80s cartoon, the 2015 story of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS highlights trust in oneself inspires creativity.

“My big sisters grew up watching ‘Jem and The Holograms’ and would pretend to be in the band, but always told me I was too young! Its been a long time coming, so it was cool to finally become an honorary Hologram,” said Novah.

“The fun part was mixing my sound with the essence of the Holograms. With all the colors, dancing and girl power, it was the perfect Jade combination.”


Watch the colorful visuals above.


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