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Everyone parent at some point has probably had to deal with a disrespectful child. This week, it was Angie Stone who got into an altercation with her 30-year-old daughter, Diamond, and knocked out her two front teeth. Reports say that Stone was angry with her daughter for not cleaning up her room and letting her kids run around half-dressed. Did we mention Diamond lives in Angie’s Atlanta home?

Sherri Shepherd is no different. She says she can remember when she and her mother got into it.

On Angie Stone:

“I believe everybody got that butt whipping that you will always remember. I was 16, remember those big blue magnetic rollers that you snap into place? I had been at the beauty shop all day, hair was cute looking like LaToya Jackson. I had the headband and everything. And my mother said something to me and she got mad and threw a pitcher of grape Kool-Aid.

I said something – it wasn’t much to set my crazy mama off and she threw a four-quart pitcher that you put all the sugar in – and she threw it at my head. All the grape Kool-Aid was running down my curlers and I hit the table with my hand. She threw me against the wall like I took her man. I don’t drink Kool-Aid to this day. I don’t even go near a roller. I run if I even see rollers.”

On Tupac Dating Madonna: 

Dated or slept with him? I think people are confusing the two and he ain’t here to say nothing. I think it was we slept together and I don’t think it was sleeping. Remember she called her son a ‘ni—a’ and then she tried to swag up and she got so much backlash, she had to delete it.

On Ferguson:

It’s such a mess because now there is distrust on both sides.

On Empire:

What is it about Empire that is getting everybody? It used to be Scandal but nobody’s talking about that anymore. I sent Lee Daniels an email. I said before you consider Mo’Nique, I’m here and I’m nice to work with.

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