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Stephen K. Benjamin made history as the first Black mayor of South Carolina and continues to break down many barriers in the growing state.

“It’s a lot of love down here,” Benjamin says of his historic appointment. We’ve had a really good run.  But it’s political and public life in America so you’ve got to learn to take the good with the bad.”

Apparently it’s been more good than bad as unemployment has been down 40% and a billion dollars has been spent on new downtown investment. Spirit Communications Park is being built and minimum wage has increased for city employees and  $100 million dollars is being proposed for affordable housing.

“God only gives us a measure of time to do what we do to try and make some fundamental changes in people’s lives,” says Benjamin. “I take is seriously and I have a great team of people helping to make it happen. I won a close election the first time with a couple of hundred votes.

The second time I won by 30 points so people are buying into it. We’ve got some real challenges but this is the land of milk and honey and if you’re willing to work you can do some great things. It’s my job as a public official to try to create that environment where people can live up to their God-given potential.”

Does Benjamin have any aspirations to higher office? Possibly, although he’s not saying so [publicly] yet.

“I want to take care of what God’s given me right now,” Benjamin says. “How about you keep Steve Benjamin in your prayers and we’ll take it from there.”

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