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For listeners who haven’t enrolled yet, what should they know?

  •  People without the right health plan often are less healthy because they don’t get the care they need.
  • Most bankruptcies are due to unforeseen medical expenses.
  • Don’t let that happen to you; getting covered is so important and time is running out.

What about paying for a health plan. How can folks make that more affordable? 

  • HealthMarkets can make the whole process much easier by helping people search thousands of plans to find the one that saves them the most money.
  • Plus, HealthMarkets can help you apply for subsidies from the government to lower the cost, with most people paying less than $100 a month and some even paying nothing.

 What happens if folks don’t get covered?

  • The tax penalty for not having health insurance doubles this year. Folks will owe a minimum of 2% of their income in extra taxes if they don’t have insurance. It’s not worth going uninsured and paying more in taxes.

 The big deadline is approaching, what should folks do?

  • To avoid the tax penalty and get subsidies to help them lower the cost, they need to call right now before the Obamacare enrollment period ends.
  • If they miss the deadline, they might not have any insurance for the whole year and end up paying much more.
  • Go to Health Markets or call 800-404-1618 to find the right health plan, maximize government subsidies and avoid the tax penalty. The HealthMarkets service is completely free.

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