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Bill Cosby took to the stage to perform stand up in Ontario, Canada as if he’s not in the middle of a media storm of sexual assault allegations mounting against him. The was the first of three shows Cosby has in Canada. As we all know, as many as 10 of those shows has been cancelled because of the allegations.

Reports claim that Cosby wore a sweatshirt that read, “Hello Friend” and the stage was decorated with two giant posters of Cosby happily posing with Nelson Mandela. What kind of message could Cosby have been sending with his wardrobe and decorative choices? Cosby’s last performance in Florida received a standing ovation and so did this one, even though the crowd was hardly as large as the Florida performance. Many ticket holders decided to boycott the show, leaving the theater two-thirds full. “I had a wonderful time,” Cosby said to the crowd before the audience erupted in applause.

There were a handful protestors outside of the venue heckling Cosby, with signs that read, “Rape is no joke” and “He Said: 1, She Said: 26+,” shouting, “You support rape!” But it was one in particular who caught national news attention when he said, “Congratulations on your first show of 2015. Talk about starting the year with a bang! We hope it was consensual, Billy!” The man can be heard shouting out in a video captured by NBC.  

Cosby is also scheduled to appear at the Budweiser Gardens in London on Thursday and at the Hamilton Place Theatre in Hamilton on Friday. Hours before Cosby took the stage on Wednesday, attorney Gloria Allred said three more women are accusing the comedian of drugging and sexually assaulting them in Las Vegas or Los Angeles between 1981 and 1996.

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