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Navigating Times Square: It’s a new Times Square. I brought some kids down from the Bronx and they didn’t want to go home. You got the lights, it’s beautiful it’s video games – kids are like I don’t have a couch at home, might as well sit right here.

Walk Fast: A New Yorker will walk on you. I was on the train with my feet under my lap and this dude stepped on my feet.

Ordering Sweet Tea: You have to [ask for it]. Otherwise you’ll be driving down the street thinking you got you some sweet tea and it will be tart tea.

Carrying a Purse: Women all over the country can leave the house with something small but a purse here is like a suitcase. Women here, they gotta have baby wipes, no kids but baby wipes. Makeup, their protection they gotta have their Mace, so that’s a do.

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