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Charlie Sheen Comes For Rihanna

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Charlie Sheen blasted Rihanna because she didn’t want to meet him or his fiance. Sorry Charlie, but we wouldn’t want to meet you either. According to TMZ, Charlie and Ri Ri were dining at the same restaurant in Santa Monica. Sheen, who was celebrating his fiance’s birthday, sent a request to her table for a meet-and-greet which she decline, saying “there were too many paps outside.”

Welp, Charlie Sheen doesn’t take “No” very well. He wrote back, “”Nice impression you left behind, Bday or not. Sorry we’re not KOOL enough to warrant a blessing from the Princess (or in this case the Village idiot).”

He continued to rant about the bad gal on Twtter. “I guess “Talk That Talk” was just a big ol lie from a big ol liar,” he wrote. “oh and Riahnna, Halloween isn’t for a while. but good on you for testing out your costume in public. it’s close; a more muted pink might be the answer, as in: none.”

If you feel like reading his ENTIRE rant, click here.

Have a seat Charlie.

In related drunk and disorderly news, Mase’s wife Twyla Betha was arrested last month for a DUI after a breathalyzer test showed that she had consumed two times the legal limit. She plead guilty to the charge and her church, El Elyon International Church, abandoned her in the process.

In case you missed it, Twyla and Mase are currently going through a bitter divorce and apparently the entire congregation is fed up with her too. She was allegedly banned from the pulpit.

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