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1474368_10151834171676566_1053438744_nThe chances of catching Simone Jones Tyner and Colby Tyner engaged in a screaming match are so slim that even their 8-year-old daughter, Journey, has asked her parents “if they ever argue.”

“One of the main things we do is talk to each other in love,” Simone explains. “We never curse at each other, dredge up anything from the past or yell.” The art of disagreeing without being disagreeable has been vital to keeping the Tyners’ 12-year marriage moving in a healthy direction. “We watch other people argue and ask ourselves, ‘How can you say that to somebody?’” she adds.


By no means are they perfect, says Colby, who stresses that mastering friendly fighting didn’t happen overnight. “It’s been built over a long period of time,” he admits. “We have differences, but we don’t yell and scream. We lay our issues on the table and discuss it. We have to see things on a higher level at all times, especially when you have kids. They are watching all the time. What will they take from you?”

Journey has no doubt learned that even in the midst of a disagreement, there’s always room for laughter. “I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a fight and one of us will say something funny, and we just start laughing,” says 41-year-old Simone. “We get through stuff because of our open communication, our sarcasm and jokes,” adds Colby.

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