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I was so excited to hear that “Independence Day” would be coming back for part two. But the original movie’s star Will Smith has officially bowed out of the sequel, an insider told “The Wrap.” While it’s not clear why Smith stepped away from the film, the director, Roland Emmerich, is said to be looking at young actors like Michael B. Jordan to take over the lead role.

Director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin have been gearing up to start casting the sequel, for which screenwriter James Vanderbilt penned two distinctly different drafts. One featured Smith’s character as the protagonist, while Plan B focuses on other characters.

Emmerich has been meeting with Hollywood’s hottest young actors including “Fruitvale Station” star Michael B. Jordan, who is high on the studio’s list. Fox execs have thrown Jordan’s name around in several creative meetings — and Jordan is interested in taking on the lead in a blockbuster sci-fi franchise, depending on where it might fit into his increasingly busy schedule.

(Source: MSN)

Michael B. Jordan is an excellent pick! But I couldn’t help think of a few other Hollywood fellas that would look good too. Take a look: