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*Word to Karrine Steffans, Melyssa Ford doesn’t like being stereotyped as a video vixen!

Ford called out Steffans for labeling all video girls as mistresses or sharing intimate relationships with rappers and athletes.

“This book came out and it defined an entire group,” Melyssa explained to “The Breakfast Club” DJs.

In fact, Ford prefers the term video model compared to vixen, which Steffans refers to herself. But Ford has since moved on from her video model $5,000 days. She’s managed to venture into other career opportunities — including has a career a real estate and is a new reality TV star.

But regardless of strong feelings towards using the politically-correct language in describing video modeling, Ford hasn’t ever met the “honest” Steffans and actually thought she wasn’t real prior to the release of “Confessions of a Video Vixen” tell-all book.

“I’m sure that personally, she’s a lovely girl. I don’t know her personally, but here’s the truth of the matter: When I was on video sets, no one knew who this girl was. I thought she was an urban myth,” she said. “I didn’t think she really existed because I didn’t know anybody who’d ever seen her before. Her name just like floated around like this big mystery.”

Ironically enough, Steffans — who has blasted many male celebrities she’s used her “skill sets” — is a little irritated a dear friend of her’s for calling her out in his new song.

Lil Wayne mentioned Steffans in his new song, “Kush And Alcohol (B*tches Love Me)” — rapping, “No makeup she a 10 and she the best with the head, even better then Karrine.”

She tweeted how she felt betrayed in response, ““Word?” and followed up with “It’s all good, Tune Chi taught me.”

Steffans made her career off of sleeping with most celebrity male stars it seems like, but now she’s engaging in friendships, supposedly.

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