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*$10,000 still lost in the mail aside, Bethenny Frankel believes that Omarosa Manigualt stirs up controversy as a means to stay relevant.

Remember we posted a story about the wager Frankel made with Omarosa? Here’s how it went down, Frankel said:

“I think I said, ‘No, actually, I have a brand, I have two New York Times best-sellers, I have a cocktail line… Omarosa used [her reputation] for being infamous…’ Can we just get the quotes?! I will give you $10,000 if I said ‘I have a real career.’”

Well, the producer didn’t need to be told twice, the story was  pulled up on an iPhone, and it turns out Frankel did make the comment.

“I said ‘I have a real career,’ I owe you $10,000,” Frankel quickly admitted.

There you go!

But it didn’t end there, the conversation segued into a heated debate about race and the media.

“It’s different for you and I,” Manigault said. “I am an African-American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.”

Frankel fired back.

“I meant what I said. … I don’t think you have a brand. I think you are infamous,” she said.

“Honey, you make cupcakes. I worked in the White House, get a grip,” Manigault snapped. “I am a strong businesswoman who celebrates being smart and there is a brand in being smart.”

So that’s how it all started and it never quite finished.

The beef between the two continues to brew. In the talk show host’s opinion, what she said wasn’t that bad and she’s not sure why Omarosa was so offended by her statement.

“I did not think that what I said about Omarosa would be such a major statement, but leave it to Omarosa to make it into a big statement,” Bethenny told

Bethenny thinks Omarosa’s actions is  part and parcel with how she keeps her own buzz going. In short, she thinks Omarosa needs controversy to stay relevant.

“What Omarosa does is goes on shows, stirs it up, walks away and hopes that the flames last as long as they last because that’s how she keeps going,” Bethenny stated. “She’s doing what she’s doing. And she’s doing that one thing well.”

She added, “You’re watching someone in front of you kind of implode.

But now we ask you, EURweb readers: Is Omarosa’s assessment that women of color have to work harder to reach the same level as White women wrong?

Bethenny thinks so.

Is Bethenny naive in her belief that women struggle equally across color lines?

“I think every woman has to be extraordinary. Women shouldn’t be focusing on what they’re not getting and what other women are getting,” said Bethenny. “Women should be focusing on themselves. Stay in their lane, striving to be better. Don’t worry about what everybody else has.”



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