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Performance artist, Nate Hill has created a new piece called, “Trophy Scarves,” where he takes a satirical, tongue-in-cheek approach to addressing interracial dating. Hill told Vice, “There are people who see certain races as status symbols, and someone had to comment on that.” So Nate did.

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“With ‘Trophy Scarves,’ I wanted to find another way to come at that. I guess it’s the same kind of satirical, tongue-in-cheek approach that I like to take with things. I like to talk about something serious but do it in a lighter, kind of a goofy way,” Nate revealed.

Nate’s art has caught on and women reach out to him on Instagram to have him come to their homes and don them around his neck. This is oddly entertaining to me, as many of these women choose to strip down and climb up on his shoulders to be a part of his performance. Some say these women are objectifying themselves and others say that Nate is, but it’s mutual and all for the sake of art and a little bit of comedy. So does that make it right?

Nate’s done some pretty cheeky performance art in the past. He’s dressed up in White face in Harlem, taxidermy tours of Chinatown’s garbage, wore a bear suit and met up with random people to take away their possessions associated with bad memories, he’s thrown half-eaten cheeseburgers at pedestrians while riding a bike, delivered fake crack to apartments while wearing a dolphin suit, sent a computer virus to all of his press contacts and most recently, he’s been focusing on doing race-based pieces, like “White Power Milk,” in which he operates a website where you can order milk gargled by pretty, college-educated white girls. You can’t say that Nate’s not unique!

Check out some of Nate Hill’s “scarves” here:

What do you think about Nate Hill’s performance piece of wearing White women as scarves for power and status?

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