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This will sound crazy, but if you recently broke up with your man, do not contact him. You both need time to think. If he calls you, stay cool and be nice.

Get busy with new interests. The more you focus your attention on something new, the less time you will have to think about him. 

Think about the breakup. Ask yourself, “Why did it happen?” This will be difficult but you need to understand what went wrong before you can decide what the right thing is for you. 


DO NOT LET HIM SEE HOW UNHAPPY YOU ARE.  It will confuse him and he will think you can move on without him. He will also be reminded of the girl he fell in love with. 

Now it’s time to find out if he still loves you. By now, he may have called or texted you and you can tell if he’s still interested.  If he hasn’t, then you will have to try to guess his state of mind. If he is making a big thing about being single again or he is very angry or bitter towards you, then his feelings are probably still strong.

Arrange to meet casually. As long as you still have mutual friends, you should be able to meet up sometime without making a big thing of it. 

Be light and flirtatious, not heavy and emotional.

Tease him a little.

Listen to what he says – how he treats you and responds to you will give you a good idea of whether your still hold some part of his heart. 

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