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The story of TLC played out amongst the world last night to rave reviews. The ladies triumphed over bad management, failed relationships, and medical emergencies which molded their girl-power movement that captivated a generation.

The portrayal of Chili by Keke Palmer, T-Boz by Drew Sidora and Left-Eye by Lil Mama made you feel as if you were watching TLC in the flesh.

Here are a few of the top moments from

Stage Crasher Makes Good

Lil Mama essentially became a hip-hop pariah after she stage-crashed Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ 2009 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, so it was no surprise that casting her as Left Eye was controversial. Yet Lil Mama is undoubtedly the star of CrazySexyCool. Aside from the obvious likeness between Lil Mama and Left Eye, the youngster masters the mannerisms and physicality of TLC’s late rhymer to an almost eerie degree. Expect to do more than one double-take when watching the movie.

Some Like It Hot, but Probably Not Andre Rison

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Left Eye took her combustible relationship with NFL player Andre Rison to a literal level, when she burned down his mansion in 1994. In the movie, Left Eye flies into a rage after seeing that Rison has purchased several boxes of Nike sneakers for himself and none for her. Tired of his selfishness, she throws his shoes into the bathtub and lights them up. “He could’ve bought me some shoes. I ain’t mean to burn the house down though,” Lil Mama says in a subsequent scene while in rehab. When asked by a therapist what statement she was trying to make, she answers, “That I’m here . . . No one is listening. I’m not invisible. I’m right here.”

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