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The Kids Get To Work

True to the agreement, T.I. wasted no time putting the kids to work, with the boys on security and wardrobe detail and Deyjah on snack duty  From the beginning it looked like the the job was too overwhelming for poor King as his only job was to protect his dad but he was too busy getting girl’s phone numbers and dropping candy on the floor! While Tip was busy meeting and greeting his fans, King and Major couldn’t stop goofing long enough to actually do their job!

Meanwhile, Tip was hopeful that his other “hustle gang juniors” were on top of their jobs. To his surprise, they were! Deyjah had the snack thing down pat and Domani and Messiah were on the job as T.I.’s little stylists. After King and Major got all of their silliness out of their system, they were actually pretty good security guards and kept some pressed fans far away from Tip before the show. It looked like the Harris kids may have a future in show production – along with every other profession.

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