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Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her besties are back with another episode of Vh1’s “Tiny Tonight”. This time, “Basketball Wives” firecracker, Tami Roman joined the cast in place of Tamar Braxton and provided just enough sass to keep us on our toes. The girls discussed many issues that women deal with on a daily basis, including: hair therapy, reality TV and a special history of Atlanta segment provided by everyone’s favorite five year old, Major Harris.

Shekinah, as usual, stole the show with a unique “stripper segment” at Diamonds of Atlanta strip club where she gave a group of dancers “stripscriptions.” Leave it to Shekinah to make even the most serious tasks a comedy show! But kudos for the great late night laughs!

Shekinah was a big ball of energy when she arrived at Diamonds of Atlanta. She was ready to provide a great “therapy” session with the group of exotic dancers. The dancers couldn’t help but to laugh at Shekinah’s antics especially when she brought out her doctor’s pad and “prescribed” a plan to quit stripping! Some of the girls she met with opened up about why they started stripping in the first place and how they planned to explain their job to their children.

Although she was being 100% serious, you couldn’t help but to cry from laughing at Shekinah’s attempt to give the girls advice about their make up, staying fit and being “seen” by men in Atlanta. Maybe Shekinah was able to get through to them? Maybe not. Either way, Shekinah’s “Stripper Therapy” segment was the best part of the night!

Watch clips from Shekinah’s “Stripper Therapy” below.

Later in the episode, the girls discussed everyone’s favorite reality show, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and brought up some of the fights that occurred on past episodes. When Tami Roman decided to chime in, Claudia Jordan quickly shut down any opinion that Tami had and reminded her of her behavior on her own show. Luckily, Tami laughed it off instead of jumping across the room at Claudia’s face! Counting to ten must be working for Tami these days.

 Watch clips below:

Overall, “Tiny Tonight” is just what we need in late night television. Everything that we’re thinking and talking about in our everyday lives, Tiny and her girls are sure to discuss and in the most hilarious way possible! I give “Tiny Tonight” two thumbs up!

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