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Ladies, I know your plight; it’s that time of the year, a time of the year when you start to feel like some things just don’t make sense. Yes, ‘Madden’ is back.  ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ just did $800 MILLION in sell-through in 24 hours. ‘NBA2K’ is on the way.

Some of the men in your life may be getting scarce.

You’ll looking for a little bit of that ‘QT’ and your man is still requesting that famous ‘five more minutes’ with the video game that’s he’s already been playing for two hours. “I’m losing my boo to the XBox…” We hear it every year. I’d like to offer you some suggestions as to how to deal with this a little better.

1) First things first, they’re never gonna stop playing those games, ladies.

At this point, they’ve grown up with them and in a lotta ways, the games have grown right along with the players. The ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is a great example; an EXTREMELY ‘mature’ game that includes an entire world and cinematic storyline for the player to become immersed within. They’re an escape, a pastime, and nobody’s getting hurt…

2) Don’t give him a time limit or ultimatums. 

You may think these games are silly and/or childish, but if talking to your man as if he is for playing video games is surely gonna lead to an argument or problems. Make your demands for personal time (or the television set) gently, without belittling your man and his hobby.

3) Schedule quality time with him. 

Your man does not love that Playstation more than you. His fascination with the latest game will subside. Make sure you’re still setting time aside for the two of you and let it be known that is EXACTLY what that time is for. He’ll get his ‘five more minutes’ later. Those games can be saved, that’s what memory cards are for. Let him know he can put down the controller for a while without being demanding.

4) TURN UP!!!

You might wanna turn up the spicy! Throw on that sexy negligee and walk by him while he’s in the middle of a game of ‘Madden’, see what happens. Move the video game system into the bedroom, see what happens…sometimes, you just gotta get back to basics, ladies. Leave something to his imagination and keep it moving. Bet you won’t be hearing that ‘five more minutes, baby’ as often.  

5) If you can’t beat em, join em.

Hey, some of those video games are FUN, OKAY? Come in and pick up the stick sometime and see if there’s a game you can play together! Let’s not forget how many family-friendly games there are on the market. There’s quite a market for lady gamers too. Ride to the video-game spot with him; you just might be surprised at what you find.