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*As we reported about ten days ago or so Spike Lee announced that he was creating a campaign to finance his next independent film.

Financing an independent film via Kickstarter is done all the time, but when it’s Spike Lee, let’s just say a lot of folks can’t quite wrap their heads around the concept. Some people assume that the Oscar nominated director will cannibalize the donations meant for smaller, less-funded filmmakers.


Well, if you know Spike, he has no problem setting folks straight on what is and what ain’t. So to do that he went on Bloomberg’s “Smart Street,” where host Trish Reegan used her introduction to go in on him. Dang!


Reegan claimed that there are calls for Spike Lee to end his Kickstarter campaign and even accused Lee of having the funds to finance the picture himself. Uh oh, that was Spike’s cue to go in on her.


“I’ve been doing Kickstarter before there was Kickstarter,” the Inside Man director said as Regan asked Lee, referencing his income, why he’s using a site frequented by “novice directors.”


And trust us, he had a whole lot more to say to Reegan. You can watch the fireworks below

Meanwhile, after 19 days Spike Lee is on pace to meet his goal.  He’s taken in over $600,000 at the time of this post. There’s just under three weeks to go. Do you think he will make it?



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