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For the past few months, Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late music icon Whitney Houston, has been out of the public eye. Outside of a few response tweets about Cissy Houston’s book, and a minor fender bender, we were under the impression that Bobbi Kris was working through her issues and headed in a positive direction.  Unfortunately….her downstairs neighbors didn’t see it that way.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend Nick Gordon (the “alleged” god-brother) have been blasted with several noise complaints from the neighbors in their Alpharetta, Georgia apartment building, including the couple downstairs (with a one-year-old). Reportedly, Bobbi Kris and Nick had been partying until 5am on weekdays and it became a nuisance to the residents.

After several complaints, Bobbi Kris and Nick were eventually evicted from the building,…but Bobbi Kris made sure she had the last word. She allegedly left an unsigned note on the door of the couple downstairs saying, according to Gawker,

“Thanks. You are shit at the bottom of our shoe, Thank you for making a hard year harder. You are a miserable couple, and always will be. You were honored to have us living above you and you couldn’t stand such a young beautiful couple being far more successful than you ever will be. I pray your misery doesn’t rub off on your innocent little baby.”

So now, a police report as been filed by said neighbor, Josh Morse.  TMZ reports that Josh and his wife have filed more than 10 noise complaints on BK and Nick.  And, “Josh wanted the incident documented ‘due to the ongoing issues he has been having with the couple’.”

We know Bobbi Kris has had a rough year…but what would you expect from the young couple trying to nurse a one-year-old?  We all believe in having a little fun….but let’s try to be respectful of those without trust funds and actual jobs.  Keep it classy BK….

For her part, Bobbi Kris hasn’t officially spoken about the “alleged” eviction or the note posted.  But they have reportedly already moved off the premises due to the eviction.  Maybe they’ll rent a house instead so they can have all the late night parties they want…

UPDATE: Bobbi Kris has spoken out about the alleged eviction and neighbor drama.  And she claims she left on her own accord saying,

“Hahah! GOODAFT! Awoke2CrazyNeighborStory(: ha Those pplRinsane! @nickdgordon & I choose2move(: THEY were the nightmare, #TRUST#Hyprocrites(:”