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Draya Michele of “Basketball Wives: LA” has already come under fire for her “Fine a** Girls” fashion line. Fans criticized the controversial reality star previously for only using lighter-skinned women to model her line, and now she’s catching heat for a new t-shirt that features late pop icon Whitney Houston.

Draya posted a preview of the shirt, which features Whitney’s face with the line “Say No To Drugs.” Many of her Twitter followers went ballistic, blasting her for a shirt that they felt was insensitive.

Draya later posted the original image, which was a pic of Houston from the late 1980s holding a sign that read: “Say No To Drugs.”

“FYI We would never disrespect the DIVA…She held up the sign herself,” Draya tweeted. “Just raising awareness among girls.”

Source: HipHopGossip. Photo Source: MissJia

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