Surely Essence Magazine’s Abiola Abrams has heard her share of intimacy issues from couples inrelationships of every sort since being in the love business, but something tells us that her latest inquiry was a little different.

A black woman wrote into the magazine saying that her husband calls her “nigger bitch” during sex and has joked about “purchasing her freedom” when he married her and he has been dropping the n-bomb since their honeymoon. Which begs the question that if he was able to refrain from saying it before they got married, what made him start after they were married?

Her husband is a white investment banker from a family of old money who proposed six months after knowing her. From her own account, she has “the picture perfect fantasy life.” He spares no expense to make her happy by wining and dining her all over the globe and:

“Unlike all of the Black men I dated in the past, my husband is generous, loyal, committed and considerate. He courted me and I never have to pay for anything. He said I could quit my job and I did. He makes me feel like a woman.”

That is a loaded statement that exhibits her insanity.  The black men dogged her and were the antithesis to this man, yet her very own Calvin Candie disrespects her core self and she still believes he makes her feel like a woman??  C’mon, Son! It’s about the money! Abiola later broke it down to the root and said what we were thinking:

“If you stay with your man for money while he is speaking down to you, then I’m afraid you have personally sold yourself at an auction to the highest bidder. It’s time for a self-esteem check, doll face.”

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