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It’s Spring Break time again! If you are traveling, have a safe trip. If you are staying close to home, then get ready for some fun in your own living room.

Pinterest Week – From craft ideas to recipes for mouthwatering chocolate treats to science experiments for kids, Pinterest has all kinds of fun and creative ideas. However what is the fun of pinning, if you don’t get to try out these ideas? Spring Break week is the perfect time to choose some of your favorite ideas and make it a party. Sit down with the kids and pick one activity or craft and one recipe to make every day of Spring Break. Invite some friends over to try their ideas, too. Then create a new Pinterest Board to highlight the ideas you loved best.

Family Slumber Party – Why do the kids get to have all of the fun with sleepovers and slumber parties? Pick a night during Spring Break week and have a family slumber party in your living room.

Movie Day or Night  – Spend the day or evening watching your favorite movies. Use this opportunity to share movies with your children that you loved growing up.

Tourist Day – When was the last time you visited the museums and attractions in Indianapolis? Be a tourist in your own town during Spring Break, seeing your local sites and remembering why you love the city you live in.

Make some Top 10 lists – Give the kids some topics: 10 things to do before the end of spring break; 10 things that make them happy; 10 things that make them grumpy. 10 favorite songs or books? Have them write them down or dictate them to you, then bind all the lists into a book.

Do nothing – Yes, that’s right. In today’s time of over-scheduled kids, a day or two of totally unscheduled time, when your kids can sleep late, play creatively or work on a hobby, and generally relax, may be just what is needed.

What are you planning to do during spring break?