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Spend some time alone and trace the root cause of your jealousy. Ask yourself why you are getting that feeling of jealousy. Is there really a need to get jealous? Do you have some insecurity in yourself? The most common reason of jealousy is insecurity. Do you have problems with trusting your partner? If so, then what could be the reason? Open your mind and accept the reasons why you feel insecure and face them bravely.

Discuss Things with Your Partner

Now that you know your all about your jealousy problems it is time to talk with your partner. Discuss with your partner the things that make you jealous. This way you will be easily understood why you act that way. Both of you could agree on something so you can stop being jealous. As your partner gets aware of the things that make you insecure, he/she can avoid doing it all.

Learn to Love Yourself

Learn to love yourself and take away all the insecurities. You are only hurting yourself when you get jealous. Why let yourself down and angry when there is really nothing to get jealous of? Loving one’s self is like freeing yourself from negative feelings. Moreover, you can only be capable of loving other people when you love yourself. Love yourself and you can stop being jealous.

Learn to Appreciate what You Currently Have

Being content is another key to help yourself stop being jealous. You need to learn to be happy about the things you currently have. Learn to appreciate your partner and accept their whole personality. If you have no insecurities, you will feel that there is really no reason for you to be jealous. You will feel the love and sincerity of your partner when you learn to appreciate him/her.