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Morning shows the day, goes the famous quote. And what better way to ensure a day full of love than to wake up your king or queen with a romantic Good Morning. Check out these easy ideas and both of you will have an extra romantic start for the day.

  1. A tender kiss

    This remains the most beautiful way of saying Good Morning especially when you wake up next to your partner following a night of loving intimacy. Gently kiss the top of each closed eyelid of your significant other before planting a kiss on his/her mouth with the merest touch of your lips. The feel of something brushing against his/her eyelids, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, is quite likely to rouse your partner from the deepest recesses of sleep and then you can whisper a tender Good Morning

  2. Breakfast in bed

    For those partners who value a practical treat more highly than symbolic gesture as evidence of love, a breakfast in bed is the perfect way to begin a day. This however works best on a holiday when neither has to rush to work. Set a breakfast tray with whatever your partner likes – fried eggs, fresh fruit or even some cereal. Finally, don’t forget the morning newspaper or a nicely-decorated flower in a glass to give your romantic Good Morning gesture an extra special touch.

  3. A musical alarm

    If you know your partner wakes up to an alarm in the morning, a great idea would be to set the alarm to a romantic song that is his/her favorite. You will of course have to do the resetting in secret and ensure that your partner doesn’t fiddle with it after you have already set the alarm to the surprise tune. The best part of this Good Morning gesture is that it can be done both when you are near or away from your partner in the morning.

  4. Send a text message

    It always feels great to wake up to a nice text message in the morning and your partner is likely to be no different. And the best part about this romantic Good Morning idea is that it can be done when you both are apart. So the next time you are looking for a loving way of wishing your partner Good Morning, send him/her a text message which can be funny, mushy or heart-warming.

  5. Get cozy

    If you are waking up next to your partner and you both have a leisurely day ahead, how about having an intimate Good Morning in store for him/her? Gently nuzzle the side of your partner’s neck with your mouth. Your partner will not only be waking up to a cozy morning with you but can even look forward to some steamy romantic action.

  6. Put it in words

    For a Good Morning idea that includes dollops of romance, few can beat a hand-written note or a self-made greeting card. This can be as simple or as eloquent as you like; the former could come with just a Good Morning message and a lipstick impression perhaps, while the latter could have an entire love poem copied out on fine paper in your own writing.

  7. A helping hand

    If you know your partner has a busy day ahead, one of the best ways you can wish him/her Good Morning is by taking care of some chores around the house. You could get the kids ready or pack lunch for your partner. Lending a helping hand when he/she is pressed for time will ultimately be a more meaningful way of saying Good Morning than a merely romantic gesture.

  8. A hot cup

    Finally, one of the most common ways of waking up your partner is still the most romantic – bringing his/her favorite beverage in the morning. This could mean either a steaming cup of Earl Grey or freshly filtered coffee; just the feeling of a delicious warmth seeping within on a cold, wet morning will speak volumes about your love and affection and ensure that your partner always looks forward to wake up beside you.

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