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Mike Epps’ daughter, Bria, has filed a police report and released audio against the comedian stating that he threatened to “f**k her up.”

The 18-year-old filed a police report with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department claiming Epps began the verbal threats following an argument after a February episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” in which he shouted out two of his children.

TMZ reports;

According to the police report, Mike flipped at the threat — claiming he’d “f**k her up” and “cause her and her mom and grandmother problems.” So, Bria filed the report.

But sources close to Mike tell us, the tension started before the WW show — because Bria asked for Mike to give her lump sums of cash to pay for her college tuition. We’re told Mike refused, insisting on paying the school directly … and that’s when Bria snapped and made the threat.

Today, Epps told TMZ, “I love my daughter, but sometimes father and daughter have disagreements. It’s hard being a dad, especially a dad of a teenager … I still love her though.”

His daughter released the audio of the phone call, which you can hear below.


Twitter being the beast that it is responded to the release of this audio by voicing their collective opinion very loudly. It must have gotten to Epps because he sent these two tweets out about three hours ago…

I’d like to respond to these two statements; I am certain that anyone on this station would be happy to give Mr. Epps a forum to air his side of the story. In fact, I already talked to the boss about it. We realize it is a ‘family issue’, but with the release of the tapes and police report, it became public knowledge.

There’s many angles from which we could discuss this issue; parenting and how people talk to their children (which is without question, an extreme example of ‘discipline’ or ‘reason’.) the apparent sense of entitlement of some children (the idea that someone could ask their parent to pay for college the way THEY want them to makes me raise my eyebrows and shake my head.), the idea that someone could basically blackmail their parent, which is what it kinda sounds like if you think about it. …and what was said before the tape started rolling to get a man to refer to his daughter as ‘The Devil’…?

This is not a clear-cut, ‘this is black, this is white, these are apples, these are oranges’ issue. It is complex and it raises many questions.

..and while some people may be ‘going hard’ on Mr. Epps, we haven’t. That is not our place.

We are simply here to tell the community about things that are going on in the world we live in and with people we in which we show interest. We happily acknowledge some great things that Mike Epps has done for this city and officially offer him a forum here at WTLC to discuss this situation and the issues that is has raised.

We hope you saw our tweets to you, Mr. Epps. Our offer stands and as we have known you to be a solid brother, in terms of our dealings, we feel that it is only fair that you have this forum to address the situation to your hometown. Please do not let the random folks on Twitter represent all of ‘Naptown’. There’s a lotta folks here that are NOT on Twitter and would be willing to give you a fair shot at explaining yourself.

That’s the update. That’s our offer, you know where we are. Feel free to get in touch with your friends here at WTLC. Our phones ring and our door is open.

Source: TMZ