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As the sluggish American economy continues to limp forward, many Black Americans from the public sector are getting pink slips. These layoffs are eroding much of what is left of the Black middle class.  A recent article in The New York Times says:

“Jobless rates among blacks have consistently been about double those of whites. In October, the black unemployment rate was 15.1 percent, compared with 8 percent for whites. Last summer, the black unemployment rate hit 16.7 percent, its highest level since 1984…About one in five black workers have public-sector jobs, and African-American workers are one-third more likely than white ones to be employed in the public sector.”

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Experts reveal harsh realities for Black men and women from the public sector. As they scramble to recover their losses certain facts loom over the African-American community:

“Economists say there are probably a variety of reasons for the racial gap, including generally lower educational levels for African-Americans, continuing discrimination and the fact that many live in areas that have been slow to recover economically.”

What solutions do you see for Black America in the near future? Post your thoughts below. Read the full  story in The New York Times.

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