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As the third season of “The T.O Show” comes to a close, we see Terrell at the premiere of his new movie, “Dysfunctional Friends” at the American Black Film Festival. “I thought the movie turned out great. I was happy my performance didn’t ruin it,” T.O says after reviewing the movie. Oh, lighten up Terrell, you got to act alongside Stacey Dash and NOTHING beats that!

After the hype from his first movie dies down, T.O takes a visit to his doctor in order to really kick his rehab into full gear with a few months left before football season officially starts. The good news is that his doctor says that he’s actually ahead of the healing process which gives T.O high hopes for his football career.

That is, until the drama unfolds. Nobody has spoken about T.O’s surgery yet so it’s shocking to Mo, Kita and T.O when ESPN breaks the news about the surgery on television. “Everybody’s been talking about what has happened and all of the information is wrong!” Kita says. Not only are they worried about news breaking on ESPN, they’re also worried about T.O’s well being especially since he missed Mo and Kita’s “Define Your Pretty” launch without something as simple as a phone call saying he couldn’t make it.

Meanwhile, T.O has went off to L.A without telling Mo and Kita because he’s hurt that they’ve went on and worked on other projects. (*side-eye*) While in L.A, T.O does an interview with an ESPN reporter to try and clear up some of the rumors circulating about his knee. He explains to the reporter that he’s at 81% and that he’ll be back and ready for football when the season starts.

He closes the episode by meeting up with his good friend and mentor, Jerry Rice, and confiding in him about his feelings toward Mo and Kita and his fear about his knee. He states, “This is by far the toughest thing that I’ve had to go through. Mo and Kita did a lot for me in the off-season but it’s clear everyone is moving in their own direction. Deep down, I know I have a couple more years left”. How fitting for a closing statement for “The T.O Show”.

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