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By Tony Lamont

Today is the fifth day of my “Hunger Strike” a “Fast for Peace.” I was saddened by the news of a young man being gunned down in a parking lot on the Westside of Indianapolis yesterday. When are we gonna get the message that the answer to troubles or problems with someone is not to take their life?

There are so many other ways that we can resolve our problems instead of killing one another. The thing that the person who committed the murder fails to understand is they may think they have solved one problem, but they just created many others. Now they have to concern themselves with who might have seen them, if they weren’t acting alone if their accomplices will turn them in for a plea deal, and of course having to worry about law enforcement and even retaliation from the family, friends or crew of their victim. How bout this, next time let the “drive by” be just that, a drive by without a shot fired. The next time you think about committing violence against someone try saying these three simple words to yourself and acting on them “Not This Time,” it could save a life. Peace!

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