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Men have plenty of options to play the field these days. Because there are no real restrictions on NEEDING to commit, a man will work hard to keep his freedom from commitment until he can find a woman he can fall madly in love with and want to be with forever.

Something has to take place inside a man on a deeper level to propel him towards wanting to settle down with a woman forever. It is a process that cannot be hurried. He must be ignited with a burning desire to want to be with a certain woman long-term.

If you are dating or in a relationship, there are ways that you can respond that will help to turn his switch on. You can increase his attraction for you and bring him to a place where he’ll think of you as that unforgettable woman.

Men love a challenge. Some women believe that challenging a man to commit will MAKE him commit. But this is a big mistake. You don’t want to convince a man to WANT you, he should be hot on fire for you, completely smitten by having you in his life.

If you can understand a certain concept, you will create enough emotional chemistry between you and a man that will cause him to think of you as his dream woman.

It is a process that many women will avoid which will cause them to have regrets instead of success in their relationships. Drawing a man towards you is an art and when you can artfully awaken him to move towards you, you will have him beg you for commitment.