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We communicate to share our thoughts and ideas, to converse with people that we love, and even begin a relationship with someone. Communication is the key to understanding but it is also the key to misunderstanding and disagreement. This is the reason why communication is essential to every human being and another reason why we need to communicate in a manner that does not offend everyone.

Timing is everything when you talk to people. You do not want to offend someone who is currently talking and you interject. It is very disrespectful when someone is talking and you begin your own topic to another person. Timing is needed when you want to talk to a person.

Always take the time to ponder on the things you are about to say. There will be things that you will be saying during a heated conversation with your partner that you will soon regret saying or you do not mean to say at all. Make sure that you know what you are saying and tone your voice down.

Choose the right words to say even if you are in a conversation that will most likely turn to the worse. To avoid further damage to your relationship, make sure that you use the right words. You can always change the words of what you will be saying but the context can still remain. Search for the right words and you can change the course of your conversation.

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