OKCupid did a study to determine what online daters typically search for as far as characteristics in the opposite sex. Now they determined a few different things from this study but one of the findings that made an impression on me was that Black women are the most ignored race on the net — that […]

This is for the fellas who have been dating a chick for a while and every time they think they are getting somewhere she tears it all down. You think it is something that you are doing but guess what? You probably did nothing wrong. Women know after a short time of meeting a man […]

Women are always complaining about how their man refuses to open up to them and show his emotions. There are hundreds of articles given advice to women about how to make your man feel comfortable with sharing with you and so on. There is little help for the brotha who has found the woman of […]

This is a special post for the immature men that are in our lives. Yes there are some good brothas out there but for every 1 that is good there are at least 4 or 5 that are not. This list is dedicated to the brotha that exhibits gay behavior but considers himself heterosexual. I’m […]

Comedian Bruce Bruce stopped by our sister station Majic 107.5/97.5! Tune in so he can give you some game on these ladies

Amber Rose was spotted doing what she does best yesterday…shopping!! The “it girl” hit up a MAC store on yesterday evening with her make up artist/bff’s in tow.

Jaleel White will not be charged in the alleged domestic violence incident against his baby mama. The LAPD says there is not enough evidence to go forward with the case.

The man that brought you "Trading Places" is now designing for the person in that place! Read more here!

Naomi Campbell has been a famous model my whole life. There is no question she still got, drop dead sexy and not going anywhere any time soon. However, I’m going to use this time to express the dangers of the Lace Front…It’s not for everyone and its not for everyday! Just look below and see […]

During Black Music Month, I wanted to share some of my very favorites I have on my Ipod. From R & B to Jazz and Gospel to Disco and House, from Steppers to Neo-Soul and Classic Soul. I hope you enjoy it. Today it’s SHANICE WILSON “TAKE CARE OF U”

Are you concerned about the health of your bones as you age? Maybe the best way to treat those issues is to prevent them.

I think we have all long known what John Gray put down in words in his bestseller, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: There are differences between the sexes, not just physically, but psychologically. And a new study being published in the May issue of Personality Individual Differences reinforces that belief.