Whitney Houston Funeral

Any fan of Whitney Houston knows that gospel singer Kim Burrell was one of her closest and dearest friends and she had lots to say about Whitney’s only child, Bobbi Kristina’s latest antics. From having a secret wedding with her now husband/adopted brother to posting shocking bikini pictures on Twitter, it turns out Whitney’s fans […]

Was Aretha Franklin Uninvited to Whitney’s Funeral by Cissy Houston? Aretha Franklin was a no-show at Whitney Houston’s funeral on Saturday because she was suffering from leg spasms, or was it because she angered the late singer’s mother with remarks she made during a Friday appearance on “Today”? Was it a little disrespect? Getty Images […]

Liz Dixon was LIVE at the Whitney Houston funeral this weekend, speaking with celebs and fans about their memories and experience at the memorial.

Bobby and Whitney were divorced in 2007, however, they were always their for each other in times of need. Just last January, Bobby’s mother passed away and Whitney was their to show her support to the family and even sang. Watch the video of Whitney singing below. Click here for more Whitney Houston Update & […]

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien reacts to the Whitney Houston Funeral and watching Kevin Costner with others close to Whitney, share their intimate experiences. Click here for more Whitney Houston Update & WTLC LIVE at her Monorail

Family and friends gather to say their final goodbye.Whitney Elizabeth Houston, born in Newark, New Jersey on August 9, 1963, was laid to rest next to her father today by her family and friends. View the elegant program, provided by the entertainmentrundown.com, that was handed out during her funeral. The back cover of Whitney’s memorial […]

Ray J Finally Breaks His Silence About The Death Of Whitney Houston Whintey’s funneral was clearly emotional for Ray J, and now the singer’s on-and-off boyfriend has finally broken his silence. One of the most touching moments during Whitney Houston‘s beautiful funeral service was when her chrome casket was led out of the church while her song “I Will […]

Roberta Flack shares details and some of the guests that attended Whitney Houston’s Funeral….but wait there’s more… she believes Bobbi Kristina will carry on the legacy of her mother! Watch now Click here for more Whitney Houston Update & WTLC LIVE at her Monorail

Click here for more Whitney Houston Update & WTLC LIVE at her Monorail

TMZ: Whitney Houston’s funeral has only just begun … but Bobby Brown has already left the church. It is unclear if Bobby left on his own accord or if he was asked to leave. TMZ cameras outside the funeral spotted Bobby ever-so-briefly on his way in … and his SUVs returned a short time later, […]

Jesse Jackson speaks on Whitney’s career and how her family is doing. Click here for more Whitney Houston Update & WTLC LIVE at her Monorail

Aretha Franklin believed Whitney Houston had overcome her demons and was primed for a comeback, which made learning of the troubled singer’s death all the more shocking. Franklin said she was watching TV in her hotel room in Charlotte, N.C., when she learned of Houston’s death in a hotel suite across the country in Beverly […]